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Edith Kornacki, M. Ed.
Clinical Psychologist

Counselling Approach

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Counselling Approach

Philophosy of therapy

I see therapy as a process of transformation which you embark upon with someone you can trust. We all have baggage from the past. The hope is that the more aware we become, the more choice we have about how we react to these difficulties. Ultimately, the hope is that we can transform our difficulties and crises into opportunities for change. Opportunities that can result in finding ways to react that are freer, more connected and more compassionate.

Therapeutic Approach

I have an eclectic approach, meaning that I use the approach that best suits your needs. I may use a psychodynamic approach which deals with understanding the unconscious patterns leading to emotional pain. I may also use a CBT approach which helps people change their faulty beliefs about themselves. I encourage people to find compassion for themselves rather than negative self-judgment.