Edith Kornacki, M. Ed.
Clinical Psychologist

Counselling Services

depressed woman

Counselling services provided

I worry all the time about the future. I'm afraid of everything. I can't seem to relax or feel calm.

I feel sad and down a lot. Sometimes I just want to stay in bed all day and not see anyone. I can't do anything. My life seems empty and pointless.

Since I lost my partner (parent, job), I don't know how to cope with my life.

I don't like myself. I think I'm stupid, incompetent and unlovable. I feel inferior and different from the
rest of the world.

I've been hurt in many relationships and find it hard to get close to people.

Sexual Abuse
I was abused earlier in my life and I think it's affecting my self-esteem and relationships.

I'm addicted to drugs, alcohol, work or gambling, etc. and I'm worried because my life has become unmanageable.

Everyone else's problem is my problem. I've lost sight of my own life in the drama of caring for someone else.

I've worked so hard at my job and I can't function anymore. I feel very overwhelmed, depressed and down.

I have experienced a trauma and often have recurring thoughts and panic attacks about it. I avoid specific situations, am withdrawn, hypervigilant and experience insomnia and nightmares.

Psychosomatic Problems
I have frequent migraines and backaches. I've had many medical tests and the doctors have found nothing wrong with me. I wonder if stress could be causing these physical symptoms.